It’s time to move.

If you haven’t seen already, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! 😀 I’m just a little excited….With that being said, I’m really wanting to start that pre-bridal fitness  plan I’ve been avoiding.

So I’ve been off and on a good exercise routine the past two years. This last month all my good habits went down the drain. I let finals stress take over. I quit working out because I “didn’t have time” and constantly treated myself to sweets in order to burn up the rest of my meal plan. Bad Emily! So, putting that behind me, I want to start living healthy in earnest. I’m hoping that this blog can help me keep a little accountability. Though my wedding is definitely motivation, I want to make a lifestyle change that will continue past that.


My Health Goals:

  1. Stay the same size so I fit into that expensive wedding dress I just bought.

  2. Get into some strength training routine.

  3. Be able to run for a solid 30 minutes.

  4. Eat healthier.

I think these are pretty simple to start, but I chose them because for now they are achievable. My sister and I are teaming up as eating accountability partners! We are doing Whole 30 this January so if anyone has any experience with that, I’d love to hear your input/advice!

À bientôt!






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