Will you be my Bridesmaid?


Ahhhhhh yes…time to pick bridesmaids.

This was quite possibly one of the hardest things to do in wedding prep. You see, I have three sisters and a number of close friends. At the same time, I thought it would be aesthetically beautiful to have one attendant. So basically the math was not working in my favor. In the end I chose to have six attendants because I wanted my sisters to be up there with me as well as some of my closest friends. My dilemma with my selected bridesmaids was that they live in 5 different states so I couldn’t take them out to tea or anything to ask them. So instead, I decided to send some tea and ask them that way! I took that concept, rolled up my sleeves, and got creative to make some “Will you be my bridesmaid?” goodies!

So I had some criteria they had to meet:

  1. Mailable–I wanted this cheap but dependable so I sent them via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate small boxes with dimensions: 8-5/8″ x 5-3/8″ x 1-5/8″
  2. Inexpensive–again I’m trying to save money here….
  3. Cute–because I can

With that I got busy to make some little gifts! I just think those little ring pop gifts are the cutest so I set out to make my own! I made the cutest little boxes and combined those with some tea and a card.


Here are the final results!

The total package included instructions on the order of opening things, a bag of tea I got from my favorite local tea shop, the little ring-pop box, and a card!

Free Printables:

Feel free to print the PDF’s of the package instructions and the cards if you’d like! (Click the image for download) I just used cream cardstock to print them out.


Price Breakdown:

-15 ct. ring pop bag-$11.00

-Paper 5o cents per page x 3 pages=$1.50

-6 bags of specialty tea $15

-$6.80 per box shipping x 3= $20.40

Total w/o shipping: $27.50

Total w/ shipping: $47.90


Box Instructions:


-12″x12″ cardstock of choice color

-Printables around 3.5″x4″ in size.

-Glue–I used good ol’ Elmer’s crafting glue

-Scissors and/or a straight cutter



-Clothespins or some other vice-like object

I got my box idea from here and my lovely free printable from this blog!

  1. Make a mock-up to double-check the fit. Using my desired printout, I drew out the center after printing the image as a quarter of a page. Then I added 1.25″ edges that would later be folded up and a flap. I made mine to fit within the specified box dimensions and also so that they would fit on a 12″x12″ sheet of cardstock/scrapbook paper.

    6″ across at its widest point and 3.5″ at the narrower part. The entire length should be 12″. 1.25″ flap for all the edges around a 3.5″x4.12″ center.
  2. Trace-out your template and cut out the pieces. I also drew folding lines for future reference. I also last-minute used the extra paper at the end to create little tabs to keep the boxes shut. You trim them to your preferred length at the end.img_6549

3. Fold all of your creases. Make sure to do the corners as well.


4. Add glue to one portion of the inside flap and also on the outside as illustrated below. I suggest doing steps 4&5 one corner at a time.

5. Fold the corner up to form the box and pin to try for a couple of hours.


6. Glue on your paper–use the glue sparingly to prevent major wrinkling. Trim to tab piece, put in a little tissue paper, a ring pop, tie up with string and viola!



I hope you enjoyed this! Share pictures if you make your own! 🙂


À bientôt!




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