Finding a Venue

I began asking if there was actually a place I could get married without spending a fortune.

The answer is yes, yes there is. Nate and I have an awkward situation. I grew up in New Mexico and all my friends live there, but I can’t get married there because my grandmother’s health issues with high elevation. My parents live in Texas where there are gorgeous old stone churches, but Nathan doesn’t want to get married by Houston and I don’t know anyone there. That kinda left us with Oklahoma. Nate’s from here, even if he’s been out of state the past couple years I go to school here, so I have some friends nearby. And we both have family in the state, so they can all come. So commenced our search for a wedding venue.


Yes, there are great deals and stuff with all the special wedding venue packages, but we just can’t afford the cheap ones at $5,000. So, we got creative. Here are some places that are creative and good alternatives. (Lots of suggestions for Oklahoma Weddings!)

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  • Public Gardens

    So if you can’t get the gardens for free, you can get them for cheap! I found the Will Roger’s gardens in Oklahoma City were reservable, cheap and gorgeous! They had both outside and inside options as well. We would have been able to spend $75-500 for reservations of the gardens depending if we wanted to go crazy or not. Otherwise, some parks will let you use them for free if you’re okay with other people being around the park.

  • Local Museums

    Large popular museums can cost lots of $$$! Instead look for something smaller. The Sheerar Museum in Stillwater has some neat spaces you can use for ceremonies. Checkout your own local museums.

This is actually a historic site in Texas called Fanthrop Inn. But you get the idea. Be creative and see what’s available to you!



  • Historic Sites

    While there aren’t any historic sites I looked at in Oklahoma, you could look at some National Historic Sites, an old train depot, and other local historic spots for a fun venue.

  • Universities

    OSU and OU both offer their spaces for rent. They range from ultra classic rooms to more modern locations. From the library to the student union, there are rooms everywhere. Check out your local university’s facilities to see if they will work for you!

  • Churches

    Now, these are pretty classic. Nathan and I ended up choosing to get married in my grandmother’s church because the price was right! For $100, they provided the chapel, reception room, kitchen, chairs, tables, dressing rooms, etc. Some churches were very expensive, but especially if you or family are members, you can often get them for a great price.

  • Backyards

    If you know someone with a lovely backyard, maybe its the perfect place for a wedding! All you need to do is find some chairs and tables before you have a lovely and affordable venue.

I hope these help you think of places you might search for as your own venue in order to make so massive savings!

À bientôt!



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