Soot Sprite Necklace DIY

In my family, we loooove a good Hayao Miyazaki film!

For Christmas, Nate and I decided to give my sisters soot sprite necklaces. They are super easy and fun to personalize. Without further ado…the tutorial!


DIY Soot Sprite Necklaces


-tiny black pom-poms

-tiny black eye balls

-clear string

-small glass jars


-metal hoops

-embroidery thread (in color of choice)

-tiny colorful stars or confetti (optional)


-strong glue (I use E6000)

-tapestry needle (optional)


  1. Glue the eyes on the pom-poms and let them dry. Then glue 3/4″ clear string on the back.
  2. If you are using confetti, glitter, or any other little additive to the bottle, add it now.
  3. Carefully, catch the other end of the string in the lid as you glue the top onto the jars. Trim any excess string.
  4. Make the tassel: Take the ring in one hand and wrap the thread through it around your fingers or some other object until the hoop is mostly full. Wrap a thread tightly and horizontally just under the hoop a few times and knot it off. Cut through the loops and trim roughly even.
  5. Place the bottle and tassel on a chain and viola!

À bientôt!



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