I Love You, I Know

For my married sister and her husband, Nate and I made them a lovely sign for Christmas. Since they are newly-weds and major Star Wars fans we thought this would be perfect for their new apartment. Not only was this super-easy, but I was surprised by how quickly this project came together.

Since Nate has actual wood-cutting/using big tools skills, I let him made the sign and I decorated it. I believe he just mounted two 1×8 boards together with some small braces and screws on the back. He then used a darker stain on it. We just need to add a hanging mechanism later. Without further ado, here is a brief tutorial on how to add the letters.

I Love You, I Know Sign


-Wood Sign Base

-Paper letters (I chose white)

-Tacky Craft Glue

-Modge Podge


-Small paint brush and larger paint brush



  1. Lay out your letters to get an idea of where you like them. (Ironically, my sister’s cat Obi Juan is over being cat-sit while she’s on vacation. He attempted to assist in this project)


2. Brush tacky glue with your smaller brush across the letter backs. Lay them down, using a ruler to keep them straight and of equal distances. Make sure to firmly press them down all the way to the edges. Immediately rub off any excess glue to keep the sign as clean as possible.

3. Allow the sign to dry for a couple of hours, I left it overnight.

4. Add two to three coats of modge podge, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly. I did it throughout the day, giving each coat at least an hour to dry. Do each layer thin. Sometimes it will look a little milky but it will dry completely clear.

5. Voila! Hang it up and enjoy you artwork!

Have you made anything like this before? Anyother designs or messages on it?

À bientôt,



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